JANUARY15 edition

          The new edition is built from data collected in January 2015 for more than 16 500 Hospitals websites from all over the World. The methodology is the same as in the previous edition, but we have changed the criteria for inclusion, attending requests from international colleagues:

          Starting with this edition the universities health-related websites including Schools or Faculties of Medicine or similar teaching contents are excluded from the Ranking. This decision affects to several US universities that have not separate domains for their hospitals or patient oriented services, but not to all of them as there are excellent examples of prestigious institutions with their own independent webdomain. We encourage other universities to design new websites with their own domain or subdomain if they wanted to be ranked by us.

General info.

          The Ranking is updated twice a year (in late January and July) and it now covers about 16500 hospitals and health related services worldwide. To calculate the composite index (World Ranking) we have combined normalized values, the ranks are showed for informative purposes. The indicators used and their weighting are described below:

  • The visibility is obtained from combining external inlinks and referred domains according to Majestic SEO and ahrefs(50%).
  • Google is used for obtaning the rest of the indicators: Size, Total number of web pages, excluding the rich files (15%); Rich files, The sum of the following file types: pdf, doc, docx y ppt(15%) and Scholar: The number of papers in Google Scholar (20%).

          Some institutions have two or more different web domains (those marked with (1) on the listings) that we consider it is a bad practice as it is confusing and penalize its performance in the search engines positioning behavior.

     Please, help us to improve the Ranking providing comments, suggestions or criticisms, but specially checking the name and URL addresses of the websites, informing us of new, disappeared or incorrect entries.

     As usual we will thank your comments if you address them to our MAILBOX.